Legal advice

  • Providing legal opinions especially regarding the following subjects:
  • Banking Act including Basle III/CRD IV/ CRR.
  • Securities Supervisory Act including MiFID 2.
  • Payment Services Act.
  • Investment Funds Act.
  • Capital Market Act.
  • Stock Exchange Act.
  • Insurance Supervisory Act.
  • Alternative Investment Fund Act.

The legal opinions are provided for legal questions on a national and on an international level including applicable EU-directives and guidelines of the European Supervisory Authorities (e.g. EBA, ESMA), relevant decrees and guidance of the Austrian supervisory authorities.

  • Support of market participants in the course of questions adressed to the financial market supervisory authorities and vice versa.
  • Advice regarding the freedom of establishment and the freedom to provide services within the EEA.
  • Assistance to foreign investmentfund companies regarding the marketing and the registration requirements of their funds in Austria.
  • Support of companies in the course of regulatory onsight inspections and follow-up work.
  • Support of credit institutions regarding FATCA.